Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Health Kick

Because Tessie is making me do this, I guess I will!

Like Tessie, we are a relatively healthy couple. We both work out, although, I have slacked as of late, stupid Holidays and cold weather. We eat moderately well, BG cooks, so I only have so much say in what we eat for dinner. We do keep ice cream in the freezer and BG has enough candy from Christmas that it should last him all year. I do have a sweet tooth, although it is not as bad when I am pregnant! As for my health resolutions.....

I haven't really thought about them THAT much, but I do want to really tone up. That is my focus since my OB doesn't want me running. I walk/run when it is not too cold outside, but right now I am focusing on getting my arms to look like Kelly Ripa's. I will be on a major health kick when Linus exits my body! I am ready to get back to my pre-baby body, if not better. I did a pretty good job after SD, but I knew I wanted to get pregnant again soon, so I didn't kill myself to get there. I got lots of new exercise stuff for Christmas, so that will come in handy. Not to mention, the weather will be much nicer.

I don't always like to work out, but I am usually disciplined enough to make myself do it. My whole family (save my youngest sister, who is 21, stupid college body) is overweight, so I am a little paranoid about it. I do like the way I feel afterwards, and I like that sore feeling when you lift weights. I used to have a gym membership, but that has fallen by the wayside since BG is starting his own business. I don't spend a ton of money on workout stuff, but I do like a good pair of running shoes, I think that is important!

There you go Tess, happy?!?!?


Robin said...

Thanks for the link to town and country. I will be checking them out. And I have been asking Terry for a deep freeze for just such an occasion!!

Here's to keeping healthy in '08!!

Tessie said...

Yes! I am!

You are are one of the healthiest people I know. Well, PHYSICALLY anyway. Heh.