Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Being Sick has taught me

I have had a 48 hour bug, or something like that. Anyway, after Saturday night I don't think that there was anything left in my body! It made me think a little about fasting. Some people do this for religious reasons, some just because. I have never personally done it, but after being pretty much forced to live off of crackers and fresca for the past 48 hours, I can see the benefits of it. I feel like I have been through detox and all of the bad stuff that was in my body, no longer is there. I am glad that I have been through "detox" but I wouldn't chose to do it the way I did. I also do not advocate puking or taking stuff to void your body on a regular basis, this is bad for you!

The other thing I learned is that eating for me is way more mental than a physical need. I desperately wanted to eat last night, and my body really wasn't ready for it. When I tried to eat stuff that wasn't bland, my tummy really hurt. I was hungry this morning and had some cereal, but I really should have stuck to dry toast, my body is still trying to recover. Also, I think I need way more than my now shrunken stomach can handle. Hopefully I will heed this advice and this whole bug thing will not be a waste!


Tessie said...

There's a lot of interesting research coming out on fasting. I think we're going to find out that it's not really as bad for you as we've been told. I mean, not while PREGNANT, obviously, but under normal circumstances.

BV said...

You're an adult...stop using the word 'tummy'!

Erin said...

I'm the same way about eating. When I'm sick I still want things I shouldn't have. I think I eat to satisfy my cravings, not because I'm hungry.