Friday, February 22, 2008

Where is Erin?

So, I have been MIA, sorry! Not really much to blog about I guess. I have been really busy at work (I know, no excuse) and my life is kind of boring right now, but here are a few tidbits...
  • My new favorite store is Ross!!! BG's b-day was this week and I went to get him two new pairs of shoes (that he told me he needed on Sat. night) and I had to make a stop in the baby section of course! I found 3 outfits for SD and 5 for Linus, they were all way cute and less than $5. Then, one of his pairs of shoes didn't fit, so I had to exchange them and they had just put out their new stuff, so I looked again, and got SD 6 more and Linus 3 more. All of this for under $70 total!! That is awesome. I have banned myself from there right now in order to save money. The best part is that they are opening up a new Ross and Marshall's right by my house so I will be able to check frequently to see what they have!!
  • I had training on Wednesday near Texas Motor Speedway to learn all about the Texas Margin Tax, doesn't that just scream fun!!! Anyway, they did not provide lunch and there was practically no where to eat! Most people ate at the Subway in the gas station! How ridiculous is that!
  • I went to a hockey game on Sunday with BG, his sister and her husband. We thankfully got seated next to the most interesting Red Wings fan. She was about 10 sheets to the wind when we got there and did not stop drinking the entire game. Before the first period was up, she wanted a cigarette so badly that she was just sucking on one until the break and she could go outside and smoke up! The funniest part was her outfit, she was wearing jeans capris that were at least two sizes too small and her flab had muffined over the top (she was actually pretty thin, just not toned) and a tank top with NO BRA on. The girls were pointing southeast and southwest and if you have never been to a hockey game, it is usually pretty chilly in there!

Those are musings from my life this week! This weekend we are starting to paint SD's new room! I am so excited. I am ready to get it all together and pretty so that I can start putting Linus's stuff where it belongs instead of shoving it in the closet. Oh, and my prego belly is HUGE! I am so done with being pregnant. I get happier and happier as the time draws to a close and I know that I will not be doing this again!


Tessie said...

That margin tax is STRESSING ME OUT. Of course we are going to have to file as a consolidated group due to the new rules and most of our entities have never filed before. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing. The end.

Becca in Texas said...

Oh yeah, tax stuff no clue. Good luck with that. The best part of sporting events are the people around you. I love going to the Rangers games just to people watch.