Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Girl Room

SD's big girl room is all finished and she is actually sleeping in it! I just decided to take the plunge on Saturday at nap time. It only took two pops on her leg to get her to stay in her bed and then she took a 2 hour nap! So far so good, she has taken 3 naps in it now and slept two nights in her bed with little to no issues. She did wake up this morning around 6, which is much earlier than normal and came into the kitchen and scared me half to death, but at least she didn't walk around in the middle of the night. We have not been closing the door all of the way because I have wanted to check on her a lot, to make sure she didn't slip in between the wall on the bed, but I think we will be closing it now. She can't really open it with ease since the door sticks a little, so that might help my sanity! She loves playing in her new "pink room" as she calls it.

Here are the pics...

The princess in her pillows

Check out that leather kick pleat. I am really proud of this because I have never done one before. My friend Dallena told me the basics of what to do, but I had to do it by myself with no pattern or anything!

My mom was here this past weekend (a b-day surprise, more on that later) and we got a ton done in her room, so I kept the pace going when she left and finished sewing the pillows and bed skirt and embellished the curtains. It is way cute if I do say so myself. I couldn't get a good picture of the curtains, so I will have to post those later. All that is left to do is add nobs to her dresser and hang some stuff on the walls. All in all, I am proud of her new room. Not only is her room done, but Linus' is on its way. I moved all of SD's stuff into her new closet and dresser so that freed up her old room. Mom and I washed about 15 loads of clothes this weekend. SD had tons of new clothes for spring and Linus has a ton too! I finally got his room all organized last night and put away all of the clothes. I even changed the pink girly sheet on the bed to his green one (I know, I know a little premature, but just in case...) The only thing we need to do in his room is paint and take down the pink ribbons. Other than that, if he comes early, we should be good! So there you go for my productive weekend. I will be posting about my birthday soon, hopefully, it was AWESOME!


Erin said...

Very cute!

We put up a gate across Hailey's door at night so I can open the door and peek at her but she can't get out of her room. That way in the morning on the weekends she can open her door and yell for me to wake up when she's done playing by herself and wants breakfast or whatnot :)

Loni said...

You were very productive! I am so glad that you got so much done. I am sure it makes you feel better to know that all of those things are in order.

Good for SD on sleeping in a big girl bed!