Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Birthday

Finally, almost a week later, here are the details of the big 3-0!

It started off a pretty normal day, I got up early, did my Bible study and headed to the gym. When I got back, BG gave me my presents, some Heartwood Creek stuff, and some funny cards. The one from him talked about mourning the loss of my 20s and the one from SD had a monkey on it and inside he wrote on her behalf "I think monkeys are funny." Then off to work I went. I was excited about work because all of the girls were dressing up in skirts (just for fun) and we have a VERY casual atmosphere (think jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops). Then we all went to lunch to celebrate my b-day, and had a blast giggling and telling stories. I decided I was done with work around 4:30 and headed home.

When I walked in my mom was hiding behind the wall. I was so surprised to see her because I didn't think that she was coming up! She and BG had planned her trip up and her car was even parked at my MIL's house so I wouldn't catch on. Not only that, but BG had finished SD's room as a surprise. He had touched up all of the paint, finished painting the furniture and put it all together, which was one of the best presents! (His love languages are gifts and acts of service)

A couple of hours later, we headed off to dinner. When we got there I told the hostess we needed a table for 3 and a highchair, then I looked over and saw a bunch of my family and friends and I said, "Or we can just sit with them." It was so much fun and I was so excited to see everyone there, my cousin from SA was even in town for some training and came to celebrate. BG got me a beautiful and yummy cake that was pink and green. SD sat on my lap and helped me blow out the candles, after sticking her finger in the flame to see what it was all about. We finally got home and got SD to bed, then mom and I stayed up talking for a while.

I took Friday off to spend with her since she had driven up here. We went shopping and got SD's room all ready for the transition, my mom was a HUGE help and got me really motivated. Oh, then on Friday, BG came home from the office and said there was one more surprise. He had ordered me some scrapbook stuff and went to pick it up on Friday but it was not all in yet, so I would just have to wait. I was so excited that he took the time to not only order stuff from someone he only kind of knows, but to go and try to pick it up, only to have to go back again. He did get some of it, but won't give it to me until it all gets here! I can't wait and my b-day gets to continue until then!

I am truly blessed and have an amazing husband!!!

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Tessie said...

Happy Birthday!

Sounds like a great day.