Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Clean Team

I have come to the conclusion that clean/neat does not mean the same for everyone. What I mean is that when you say someone is really neat or clean, there are different types. I have observed the following:

Messy Clean
This describes my MIL. She cleans the most out of anyone that I know, but she is a mess!!! Let me explain, when she does stuff, she makes a mess, but since the cleans so much you would never know it unless she does it at your house. She was cooking at our house a while back and when I came home, I noticed that there was flour in weird places, spots of who knows what on the counter, etc. (not that I am complaining, just observing here) The thing is, I am sure she wiped up a little, but expected it to really get cleaned when I did my cleaning . This is not the case, because I am a different kind of clean (see below). My husband is this way as well. He can not, not make a complete mess when doing anything, he shakes spices from 10 feet above the pan and can't believe that it doesn't all make it in the pan. On the same note though, he does a good job of "cleaning" his areas (read garage or outside) when he is done.

Cluttered Clean
This describes my mom. She has stuff everywhere, nick knacks, pictures, baskets, etc. but she is always cleaning. Always wiping down the counters after every time she is in the kitchen. Constantly cleaning something, but there is clutter, so it doesn't always seem as "clean" as it would if there were not so much stuff.

Me, well, I am totally OCD and do both. I call myself

OCD Clean, De-Cluttered, Really Needs Therapy for this stuff
Let me explain how I clean/obsess. I am a total no-clutter person, well let me rephrase, if there is clutter, it has a file. That is how I roll. Everything has a place and it has to be there, not on some random counter or I pretty much will have a melt down. I clean constantly, I am constantly wiping down counters, sweeping up a mess, vacuuming, dusting, something. I have dark hard woods and it about sends me to the loony bin to see dust on them which is very visible when it is sunny outside. This is slightly hard to maintain with an almost 2 year old, but I try. They funny thing is that she is picking up on it, I think she likes that she knows where stuff is, etc. I even clean her playroom every night and the toys go back in the same place every time! I let it go last night only because I worked late and I couldn't even look in there this morning, one day is about as long as I can let it go. I have gotten better about deep cleaning every weekend, but only slightly, and while I may be able to leave it for a while, it makes me crazy every time I see it. Also, I don't make messes when I do stuff, I do them neatly, or if I spill something, it does not sit there for any amount of time, it is immediately cleaned up. This works really well for me, because then I don't have to scrub and deep clean all of the time if it is always clean. This does cause slight complications when I live with a man who doesn't do this and his mom who is at our house during the week doesn't do it either. Oh, well, I guess it is a small sacrifice to make.

What kind of clean are you? Do you have any other types of clean?


RDC CCC Mom said...

I'm just like you! Clean up, wipe counters, sweep after every meal! Especially with the 11 month old dropping his food all the time! I clean up and often do dishes as I go. If they get piled up in the sink, they are put in the dishwasher before the next meal! Lets just say I have lots of toys (that are cleaned up each night too) in the kitchen to entertain the troops! Our playroom is also cleaned up each night, but now RDC helps before bath time! We have our systems, and it keeps me sane! Do we need therapy? I think not! It's how I function best!

Erin said...

RDC CCC - What is funny is that I was going to mention that Linds was the same way and I didn't know if any of my other friends were, but you are too! How funny!!

Becca in Texas said...

I want everything to be clean but I gave up long ago. I think I could be classified as a neat freak in denial. I finally just ignore the mess. It used to make me really unhappy and finally I let it go.

Erin said...

I'm just like house looks like #2! We have NO storage so I have no choice but to just sit stuff everywhere, and I have no time/energy after working all day and running errands all weekend to organize. This all means that I'm one very stressed out person when I'm at home or when I think about my home! (My husband is a complete NON-clean freak...he doesn't care if things are dirty or messy at all, which makes my job that much harder!) We're moving to a bigger place this summer. I plan to buy a filing cabinet and bins to get the clutter under control!

Day said...

i try to make it all look neat-too bad it drives you batty