Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pregnancy Update, Part Six

I had my Dr. appointment today and got to schedule Linus' arrival. We are scheduled for May 20th!!! That is 6 weeks and 6 days away, not that I am counting down or anything. I gained an additional 6 pounds, which puts me up to a total of 26 pounds. Higher than I had hoped for at this point, but still less than half of what I gained with SD. The fun part of my visit today, I got a shot, in the rear!! Shouldn't they stop giving you shots there after the age of 10 or something? The history behind the shot...

My blood is O- (the universal donor I think) and BG's is A+. Because of this, our kids have a 50/50 chance of being positive and because I have RH- blood, my body might reject them if our blood mixes. So, they give me a shot now in case I go into labor and then they give me another one at delivery if the baby is +. SD was positive, so I got two, but I do not remember the second one, I was all hopped up on Nubane to remember much of anything.

So we are officially in countdown mode, or at least I am. I am getting really excited about the arrival of Linus and the fact that I will be able to bend again! I am also now officially starting to freak out about what needs to get done at work and at home to prepare! My list so far:

  • Paint Linus' room, it needs to at least have holes patched, etc. so we might as well repaint it since we won't have another opportunity to have an empty bedroom until SD goes to college in 16 years!
  • Work, where do I start?!?!?! I have so much to do at work it is crazy (my boss is officially freaking out). I need to get the new hires and Denis trained so that they can do my work while I am gone. I need to get our new accounting system in tip-top shape so that it can be useful while I am gone. I need to write an accounting manual with all of the instructions. Oh, and I need to get caught up!!! Not to mention we may be adding another new software that integrates with our current accounting system before I leave. I am trying to remain calm because like I said, my boss is about to have a coronary!! It does make me feel good that I am a valuable resource and will be missed!

I have now started the going every 2 weeks to the doctor, which is kind of annoying because all they do is weigh me, have me pee in a cup, check my blood pressure and I am out of there! I have not had to start with the "internal" exams yet, and I am not sure if they have to do them as often since we know I am having a C-section, but we will see.

On a related note, we have decided to make Linus our last baby and make that decision permanent (why not while they are there). This decision was confirmed today when I was riding down in the elevator and a girl who works on my floor was telling me that she just found out she was pregnant, they thought they were done and she was actually going to make that permanent this month when low and behold she was pregnant. I don't really like surprises, so the no birth control and no surprises thing really makes me happy!

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Becca in Texas said...

Yippee. You are on the home stretch. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone, but ha ha I am not the one pregnant! Thats awesome about your weight, you are doing a fabulous job. I cannot wait to meet Linus. And I bet B is thrilled that this one will be over and he has a a few weeks of recovery before his big cook off =)