Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Gym

So, a friend of mine gave BG and I free gym passes for 3 months. It has been so nice that we have been able to go to a gym during the "cold" months and it will run out just in time for spring. Not to mention, it is right down the street from our house, so it is really convenient. I would love to have a gym membership to LA Fitness because there is one right near my house and office, but that is not a luxury we can afford right now. Anyway, I digress.... So when I went to the gym yesterday morning, I saw something that made me think. As with any place of business, there are handicapped parking spaces. I hadn't thought much of it until as I was pulling in yesterday, I saw a car pull into the handicapped spot in front of me. He got out of his car and went into the gym where he walked on the treadmill for the entire time I was there and was still doing so when I left. This struck me as odd. You have a handicapped sticker so that you can park closer and not have to walk that far and then you walk on a treadmill?!?!?! Is this strange to anyone else? It is kind of like the observation that we look for the closest parking spot anywhere we go, but then pay for gym memberships or go and work out. It is weird when you see this same phenomena take place at a gym, people circling the parking lot for a space closer to the gym. Anyway, those are my thoughts...

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Tessie said...

It seems like maybe HALF of the people who park in handicap spaces are, in fact, HANDICAPPED.

It's like that picture that circled the internet a while back of the entrance to a 24-Hour Fitness, which had an escalator.