Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pregnancy Update, Part Five

I went to the doctor again today. It was fun Glucose Test day! That stuff is not all that nasty, but it burns like the dickens! Anyway, I passed the glucose test, all is good! I gained another 7 pounds, only 20 total so far, which is pretty good considering I only have 10 weeks to go. Not to mention, I gained 60+ with SD, so hopefully I won't gain 40 pounds in the next ten weeks. Next visit, I get the fun Rho-Gham shot! I am O negative and BG is A positive so I have to take a Rho-Gham shot now and then if Linus is positive, I have to have another one at delivery. SD was positive like her daddy, so I got two last time. If I remember correctly it is a kind of painful shot, really thick!

It was pretty funny though, my doctor said "your blood is good, your sugar is good, your urine is good, your blood pressure is good, your weight is good, why do you even come and see me?" I was glad about that, I am a pretty good pregnant person although I don't like it very much. Linus is breech, just like his older sister, but the doctor told me to tell BG it was because his manhood was weighing him down. BG thought that was pretty funny! He did a sonogram and made sure to show me his gresticals, I don't want to see them, I really don't care, but he makes sure he points it out EVERY time, I guess it is a boy thing! Do you think he would do this if it was a girl? I seriously doubt it!

Also, I had to take SD to the doctor this morning before my appointment. Poor thing has a rash on her girly parts! We bought Huggies instead of Pampers because they were cheaper, well it turns out they have been more expensive! The caused a major rash and she is in total pain, freaks out when you put ointment on it! Oh well, live and learn right? We will save them for Linus in case he doesn't do well in Pampers. I am kind of a diaper snob though, I really like the material of Pampers and they stretch so much more than any other diapers. That is one thing I don't go cheap on, diapers!


Tessie said...

I've heard other people say that about Huggies too, although we use them without a problem.

I've tried a couple of generic brands, and they all SUCKED. AD is a chunky monkey in the belly so they leak if they don't stretch just right.

Well, this is all very fascinating, isn't it? Glad all is well with Linus.

RDC Mom said...

I'm a Huggies snob! Since we've started potty training and RDC is only wearing a diaper at night I thought I'd save a few by getting generics, but with all the extra loads of laundry from the leakage and the lost sleep from him waking up early and saying "wet"...he has a major wet clothes issue...must be changed right away...we have not saved at all! So back to Huggies we least I don't have to buy them as often as now we only use one a day!
And so weird...SC and I have the exact same blood types as you and BG and I remember those Rho Gams well! The 4 of us all have different blood types...each boy of the opposite of each from us! Genetics is cool!
Keep on keeping healthy! Way to go woman!