Monday, March 10, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

BG's work had the Easter Bunny come to their office, so we took SD up there. She was not so sure at first, she wouldn't even go near the Bunny without me. By the end of it, she was practically poking the bunnies eyes out, that was after a cookie with frosting of course. They also had really bunnies, which SD LOVED!!! She tried to climb in the cage with one and was talking to them. It was really cute, I wish I had gotten it on video. As BG says though, I think that is her MO, she takes a while to warm up, just like him, but once you get them started, watch out!


Tessie said...

I tried to get AD to go near the Easter Bunny at the mall. Disaster.

She is getting so big!

Erin said...

Tess - The only reason I think it worked was because it was a small setting, not many people and we could hang out and let her warm up! Hopefully they will do Santa!!

The MAN Fan Club said...

My boy does NOT like costume characters. He's a little tentative at high school sporting events.


Wonder Woman said...

The picture of the bunny and SD looking at each other is AWESOME! She's such at cutiepatootie.