Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clean Underwear

Did your mom ever tell you to make sure you wore clean underwear in case you got in a car accident? Well, that is the phrase that came to mind last night during our "ordeal."

Last night around 2:30 our burglar alarm went off, and man is it loud! We bolted out of bed and BG started yelling at the top of his lungs (he was still a little asleep, but was also trying to scare off the potential burglar). The dogs were going crazy barking and surprisingly SD slept through it all!!! I ran into her room, BG grabbed his shotgun and the phone, called 911 and walked around the house, while SD lay sleeping in her room with me sitting next to her and the dogs on the floor. BG came into her room minutes later and we shut ourselves in there and waited for the police to arrive.

I will say that after last night, I was very impressed with my local public servants, they were quick to arrive, thorough and polite on top of all that! So the police arrived and checked our entire house, inside and out. They were really nice and complementary. The younger officer reminded me a lot of my BF's husband who is a police officer. He asked to see SD since he had seen her pictures around the house, asked us what we were having and also complimented us on having a nice house. That is what made me think of the clean underwear thing.

You never know who is going to be in your house when! Thankfully, we keep a pretty clean house and pick up everything each night. Sometimes we slack and don't pick up the playroom, but thankfully last night was not one of those nights. I know it sounds silly, but I am glad that the house looked nice in the middle of the night. Not only that, but thankfully, I was decently dressed. I am in the "can't get cool" part of pregnancy, so my nighttime attire is not always "decent".

So anyway, there was no sign of forced entry, we are still not sure why the alarm went off. SD finally woke up at the very end of the ordeal and I just couldn't leave her in her room by herself. So, the three of us piled in our bed, along with the two dogs, and had trouble going back to sleep until 5 or so this morning. Thankfully I am working from home this morning before my Dr. appt!

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Becca in Texas said...

How scary! I am glad it all turned out alright. You got me remembering I need to keep a robe by the bed. I go to bed clothed and get hot almost every night and remove pieces of clothing. Not good if there is an emergency.