Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frugal Fran

So, as most of you know, I play the Grocery Game and love it! Being that April seems to be Earth awareness month, included in last weeks game was the opportunity to get free re-usable shopping bags at Kroger. While I am conscious about the environment and try to do what I can (recycle our daily paper, etc) I do not own re-usable shopping bags. BG acts like he hates the environment and could care less if we recycle, but really it is a hatred for the spotlight on the earth and how it is the "popular" thing to do, like organic stuff. Anyway, I digress..... So when I went to Kroger on Monday with my faithful list, I should have ended up with 4 free shopping bags, but alas, they were out. So what do I do? I ask for a rain check. I think the lady at the Customer Service desk thought I was out of my gourd, after all, they are only $1 a piece. I was not about to lose those free bags, after all, I paid good money for the groceries that earned me those bags. So I stood there waiting while she (a) called the manager to make sure I was entitled to said bags (she thought I could only get one) (b) checked all of my groceries to make sure I had made the required purchases and then she (c) reluctantly gave me my "rain check."

I have never in my life asked for a rain check or redeemed one, so you could call me a rain check virgin. I will be redeeming this one, I want my free blue Kroger bags!!! We don't use the plastic ones for anything, so we might as well have re-usable bags. When I told BG about my ordeal he had a look of concern on his face. I think he got hung up on the fact that I was getting reusable shopping bags and he thought I was paying for them! When I explained that they were free, his eyes stopped being glossed over. He said he would have killed me had I actually paid for shopping bags, especially in our current financial situation!

Anyway, I am off to a wedding this weekend, should be tons of fun! I will try and post pics, etc. when I get back!

Have a good evening!


Tessie said...

I support the idea of those shopping bags but I don't think I can be trusted to keep track of them/use them.

BR hates the environment too. Heh.

See you tomorrow!

carla said...

They are a great idea, but I know that I would always forget to bring them with me.

I re-use the plastic grocery bags as much as I can though. I use them in our bathroom garbage cans, i carry my lunch to work in them, and I use them when I am throwing out leftovers or bad food that I want to "double bag" for odor purposes or to avoid a leak in our kitchen garbage bag. I use about 5whenever I "scoop poop" in the backyard - I wrap 2 around my hands and lower arm to work as a "glove" and then I triple bag the poop.

Looking foward to seeing you tomorrow!

Loni said...

Have fun and be safe! I am looking foward to a report and pictures!