Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Ponytail

Last week I got SD's hair in a full ponytail! It looked so stinkin' cute! It didn't last very long, but at least it lasted long enough for me to get a couple of pictures.
Her shirt says happy, I can't say her face says the same thing!
A view of my masterpiece from the side.
I can't believe that she is getting old enough to have her hair in a ponytail, but man doesn't she look cute! She is definitely turning into a little girl. She is now able to tell us what hurts, which sure makes figuring out what is wrong with her much easier! Poor thing, this morning her allergies were acting up and the snot was running down her face and touched her lip and she about freaked out! I just love this little girl and I know she is going to be an awesome big sister to Linus!
Speaking of Linus, I am having Braxton Hicks contractions, which I don't remember having a ton of with SD. I actually got on the ball and packed his diaper bag last night, still need to pack my bag, just in case! It is funny, when I was pregnant with SD, everything was ready way in advance because I was convinced she was coming early (I was HUGE), but she didn't. Now, with Linus, I have my date scheduled and I really want to make it to that date! I am getting excited about it though, not really nervous anymore. I am going to try and get some things ready this weekend, car seat in the car, bassinet down, etc. just in case he decides he wants an April or early May b-day!


Tessie said...

I had so many BH contractions with AD that I didn't really believe it when I started having them FOR REAL.

SD is so cute. Love the pony.

Loni said...

SD looks so cute!