Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Play Nice in the Sandbox

SD got a sandbox, thanks to her cousins getting older! The sandbox was left at Nana & G-dad's house when the boys (and their parents) moved out after their temporary housing there. G-dad brought it over while we were in SA for Easter and we finally got it set up and got sand in it. Not only did the boys pass down the sandbox, but also lots of toys for it.

SD wasn't so sure at first about the sand (although she is a total tom-boy, she doesn't like gritty stuff on her hands). BG put her in it and had to coax her to sit down and play. Once she did though, it was out of control! She kept saying, "I diggin' " meanwhile throwing sand EVERYWHERE! She got it all over the deck and in both of our faces at one point. Now she LOVES it and asks to play in it every day! It is nice because it keeps her occupied outside for quite a while. (notice the ring 'o chocolate around her mouth)

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