Wednesday, May 14, 2008

False Labor

This morning I started having contractions. I wasn't sure if they were really contractions or not, so I called my mom and asked her what they were like. I know, this is not my first rodeo, but when I was pregnant with SD and was having contractions, I was being given Nubane, which is a narcotic and to say I was out of it, is a HUGE understatement. So, back to this morning... My mom convinced me that what I was experiencing was in fact contractions. Thankfully, I already had an appointment with my OB for my weekly check up. When my MIL got to our house, I had her feel my stomach during one of them, and she also confirmed. So, I sent BG a text to tell him so stay close to his phone just in case, and I threw together the rest of the stuff for my bag.

They were somewhat regular and definitely more intense than Braxton-Hicks, but were not incredibly close together. So when I got to the doctor, I told them that I had started having contractions and he checked me out. I was having real contractions, but it was doing nothing to my cervix. So, basically, I get to have contractions and it is doing nothing. Part of me was hoping that I would leave the doctor's office and go up to the hospital for delivery. The other part was relieved that I still get to go to our big conference this week and still have time to get stuff done before next Tuesday.

My contractions calmed down as the day went on, but they are still happening. I guess Linus could still come early, but most likely, his birthday will be May 20th!

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Tessie said...

Ugg. This sucks. I had contractions for DAYS too before AD was born. Terrible.

Hang on Linus!