Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pregnancy Update, Part Seven

I went to the doctor yesterday for my second to last appointment before Linus' arrival! I told him how I was having pain (like a pulled muscle) where I am guessing my C-section scar is. He told me this was completely normal and it was probably more intense because Linus had a HUGE growth spurt! I asked exactly what he meant. He told me that I grew from 39-42 cm in two weeks. You usually only grow about 1 cm per week. Then when I was talking to my friend Lindsay, she reminded me that you are supposed to be as cm as you are weeks. Funny, I am only 37 weeks and I am measuring 42!!! I guess Linus is going to be a big boy, which I am very thankful for! The doctor said he will at least be over 8 pounds, I grow 'em big! As far as I go, I only gained 2 pounds which is about average since Linus is adding somewhere from .5-1 pound a week. And everything else looked good! Kind of excited that I have not had to have an "internal" exam yet, maybe I will get to skip out on that since I am having a C-section!

I think that I have this mentality right now that I know I only have two weeks left to enjoy the pregnant belly so I am stuffing my face like no other! For example, the other night, I ate 5 GS cookies and could have eaten more. Then I chose to have Cheez-its for dinner last night, why do they have to be so good? Oh well, it is all about a little indulgence, poor Linus, hopefully I am not starving him of nutritional value :)

On an unrelated note, SD did great after we had to have the night of crying. She went right to bed. Last night she did okay, but didn't go right to bed, but when she woke up this morning with a fever, it might have been because she didn't feel well! BG had something similar earlier this week, so we will blame him! Thankfully, my rockstar immune system laughs in the face of it (I sure hope I am not jinxing myself right before I give birth).

Oh and on a COMPLETELY unrelated note. I saw these shoes in an ad this morning and I was taken aback. Do they just scream 1980's or what? Some things should not come back!

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Tessie said...

I have been seeing jelly shoes everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

See you tomorrow!