Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, Third Anniversary

Yesterday was technically my second mother's day, but SD was born about a month after Mother's Day in 2006, so we have celebrated 3 times. I am not a huge fan of the manufactured holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.) but I don't mind the gift or card. So far, my mother's days have been uneventful, almost non-events actually. Let me recap:

2006 - I was EXTREMELY pregnant with SD, at the very uncomfortable stage. I had a baby shower that weekend and my mom and BF were in town, so that was fun. BG did a good job and got me a "Mommy Bracelet" (not from this place, but similar) with SD's name on it. I love it and wear it daily, actually I don't take it off which is why it has broken twice (I don't know if you are supposed to sleep and shower in them, but oh well).

2007 - This year was a complete non-event as far as I was concerned. SD was dedicated at our church, so we had tons of family in. We were also moving to our new house, actually, the moving truck had come on Saturday and taken our furniture, so we were sleeping on air mattresses and so were our guests. After the baby dedication, we hosted lunch at our house, with tables and chairs borrowed from church. We had a great time, but it was exhausting. Then after all of the festivities, BG and I cleaned our house from top to bottom because we were closing the next day on both houses. I can't even remember what my gift was or anything, it was all such a blur.

2008 - A pretty good mother's day overall...we "relaxed" in the morning and BG got me another "Mommy Bracelet" this time with Linus's name on it. He also had SD's fixed and it now has her birthstones on it (they are from a different place) and they are really pretty! SD got me a really cute card. I am once again EXTREMELY pregnant and past the uncomfortable stage! I did get to run errands while SD was napping and finished getting most of the stuff for Linus' arrival. Once again, I also had a baby shower on Saturday, so that was lots of fun with friends and family. And BG finished getting Linus' room painted and furniture moved back in, which was an even better "gift" than the bracelet.

All in all, I have enjoyed Mother's Day, but like I said, it is not high on my holiday list!

How was your day?

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