Thursday, May 1, 2008

Twinkle Toes

Last week, SD was watching me paint my toes (which is a mental picture you probably don't want at this point) to get ready for the wedding (See Tessie's blog for details, I have the same pics and stories, so you can just see them on her blog). Anyway, SD was enthralled with the idea of having your toenails painted. I decided it was high time that she get her's painted, I mean, she is almost two! So, I grabbed the bottle of hot pink polish and started painting her toes. It was so funny, she was not so sure about what I was doing, she tried to pull her foot back a couple of times. But when it was all said and done, she said "Boootiful like mama's" it was really cute. I used quick dry polish, but I let her sit on the counter for a couple of minutes, just in case. When I put her down, she started walking more on her heels so her toes wouldn't be messed up. I was startled, how did she know to do that? I don't think I have painted my toes in front of her, ever! I guess as a little girl it is just in her DNA to know what to do with wet toes! Here is a pic of her "Bootiful" toes.

Oh, and when we showed Daddy what we had done. He told her that they were very pretty, but I don't think he was too sure about starting all of these "grown up" things at such a young age. SD is a Daddy's girl like no other and I think he is starting to realize that she is growing up. To him, she will ALWAYS be his baby!

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Tessie said...

SO CUTE. We've been painting AD's toenails for ages, once she saw mine it was all over.