Friday, April 25, 2008

Pregnancy Update, Part Six

T minus 24 full days until Linus arrives! I am getting really, really excited and really happy about having his residence be apart from my body! He is a mover to say the least. Yesterday at work, I was training some girls and they started freaking out because my belly was doing all sorts of weird things. The night before last, BG had put his hand on my stomach (this NEVER happens) and I was already drifting into dream land. He woke me up when he remarked, "What is going on in there?" I explained to him that his son was ALWAYS doing that and he couldn't believe that I could sleep with that going on!

I had a doctor's appointment this week and YEAH!!! I only gained two pounds, so I think we are up to 34 or something total, not too shabby. As long as I stay under 60, things will be peachy. If I gain 26 pounds in the next three weeks, someone needs to wire my mouth SHUT! Other than that, I haven't really started swelling, which is nice, because it was really bad with SD. My friend Tess remarked how much lower I was carrying this time, and don't I know it, the little guy is resting on my lap, where as SD was hangin' from the girls!

My C-section is still scheduled for the 20th of May and my doctor said everything looked good. It should be interesting to see how the airline reacts to my doctor's note and obvious state of pregnancy. They better let me on that plane or they are going to see one seriously IRATE pregnant woman. I am taking my C-section papers just in case because when you get random comments like "you look like you are about to pop" when at church or in the grocery store, it might take more than me telling them that I really am not due for a while!

On an unrelated note, I am working from home today (MIL's legs not doing well) and SD about lost her marbles when I put her blankets in the wash this morning. The funny thing is, she is not really all that attached to them, or so I thought, because she doesn't carry them around or take them places, but evidently, they must NOT be washed. Little does she know that Baboo was in there as well, but we have a spare that I gave her to calm her down until the blankets were dry.

Well, I better get SOMETHING done while she is sleeping!

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