Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two Totally Different Experiences

As I was laying in my hospital bed for 3 days, I started thinking about how different my two deliveries have been. Neither one was traumatic or horrible, neither was perfect, but overall, they were both pretty good and I would do it again if I didn't have to be pregnant (and I hadn't just gotten my tubes tied :) ) Here is a run down:

With SD
  • At Collin County Hospital, with a black female OBGYN who had great bedside manner
  • Gained 60+ pounds
  • Went in to be induced the night before and had contractions, water broke etc, but ended up a C-section
  • Epidural
  • Very attentive nursing staff, but got kind of annoying because they were so in my business
  • At night the nurses timed their visits so I didn't have to be woken up as often
  • Could only eat ice chips until my epidural was out
  • Had epidural for more than 24 hours
  • They helped me shower the first time, etc.
  • Newer hospital with "updated" amenities
  • More of a drive from home
  • Both my pediatrician and OBGYN were not on call that weekend, so I saw someone else

With Linus

  • At Tarrant County Hospital with a white male OBGYN who is to the point and fun to talk with
  • Gained less than 40 pounds
  • Scheduled C-section, had to wait in pre-op (with nothing to occupy our time) for emergency C-section to be done
  • Spinal Block
  • Very friendly nursing staff, who was more hands off, we are here if you need us, which I really appreciated
  • They didn't do a great job of timing their visits at night, the last night they did a horrible job!!
  • Spinal block started wearing off that day and I got to get up the next morning and walk around
  • Hands off, which means they let me get up for the first time and helped me, but then just left me on my own to get back in my bed
  • The TV was a Zenith and the volume button on the bed didn't work, so we had to get up to change the volume
  • They were doing construction on the hospital and there were workers outside my window one morning as I was breastfeeding
  • Saw my actual doctors in the hospital

All in all, they were both great experiences. I have had great deliveries with little to no complications. I am truly blessed and I am so glad to be home with my family. Speaking of my family, we have even numbers of both sexes, even our dogs fit the mold! Just a little fun fact for you!


JeJune Jackie said...

you are such a numbers dork (still)

Tessie said...

So glad you are back home! Hope everything is going well.