Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does Size Really Matter?

My friend Tessie has this thing about talking about your body and your health. I am not as "strict" about it as she is, not that she is really strict, but you get the idea. Her view is that you shouldn't talk about it, one way or the other. This was passed down to her from her mom, who by the way, is one of the coolest and nicest people out there. Anyway, I digress. I was watching What Not to Wear and realized that I have this same sort of philosophy about what size you wear. Now, this is a pretty new philosophy for me, because I used to be consumed with what size I wore and compared myself to other people. Then I realized that was really stupid, why?

Well, for starters, who cares if it is the right "size" but it doesn't fit well and/or is totally uncomfortable. Sometimes your "normal" size actually makes you look bigger than you really are, because it doesn't fit you right.

Second, clothes makers don't follow a standard size chart. It seems like this should be regulated by some kind of government agency or something, I mean, put our tax dollars to good use people!

Bottom line, I think that you should shop for what fits, regardless of what the tag says. It is exciting when you move down to a smaller size, but for the most part, I think you should concentrate on how the clothes make you feel and how you look at them. You can't compare yourself to other people and worry about what size they are wearing. You have different body shapes, types and genes. I think that confidence of who you are, what you have on, and how you feel like you look, make you that much better looking than fitting into a certain size!


Tessie said...

Clothing sizing makes me INSANE. I never, EVER know if a certain size will actually end up fitting me, or not. And then I have to like memorize a list of stores and styles that DO fit, since there are so few.

And that's also why I end up buy clothes in the kids department. BAH.

Becca in Texas said...

Ok so Tessie I think you are hilarious. But BAH HUMBUG to you for even mentioning that you can fit in childrens sizes.

I totally agree Erin. No matter whether I am at big or small I really could care less the number on the clothes. I want them to look nice. Yes I am super glad when the number is small (which is relative when you are me) but I try not to let it determine whether or not I buy an item.

Erin said...

Tess buys most of her clothes in the kids department. Same cute styles a ton cheaper! I hate her for it too, kids are just not our height!