Monday, June 23, 2008

Jack and Jill

There are a lot of things that I miss about our Frisco house, but I enjoy where we are much better. Not to mention my house now has character and trees!!! There is a lot that I love about our house, but most recently, I have come to love the Jack and Jill bathroom. In our Frisco house, the kids bathroom was across the hall from their rooms, and while that made it convenient for guests, I am really glad that their bathroom is now between their rooms. I didn't really appreciate the bathroom until I had two kids. I can actually see and hear both of them from the bathroom or from one of their rooms. The other night I was giving them a bath together and got Linus out to get him in his jammies. It was so nice because while I was getting him dressed, I could hear and see SD and make sure she was okay. Then, once he was all dressed, I let him play on a blanket while I got SD out and dressed. Even when I was in her room, I could see and hear him, so there was no reason to worry. I am sure that they will complain about sharing a bathroom later in life, but what doesn't kill them will only make them stronger!

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