Monday, June 16, 2008

Prayer for Baby

I found this prayer a handful of years ago and I kept it. We have prayed it for both of our kids and continue to do so. They each have it framed in their rooms near their bed. It is an amazing prayer for anytime in your children's life, so I wanted to share it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Baby’s Prayer

Lord, I pray for Baby’s brain that it would be healthy so You can fill it with Your boundless wisdom.

I pray for Baby’s eyes that they would be able to see You and the mighty works of Your creation.

I pray for Baby’s ears that they would hear Your Word and hear Your praises.

I pray for Baby’s tongue that it would be full of grace and ready to be used as Your instrument.

I pray for Baby’s lungs that they would be healthy and strong, ready to shout Your praises from the mountains.

I pray for Baby’s heart that it would be strong, but have more space for You to dwell.

I pray for Baby’s shoulders that they would be big enough and strong enough to carry the burdens of his/her brothers and sisters in Christ as they have carried us.

I pray for Baby’s arms and hands that they would be willing and able to do Your work.

I pray for Baby’s body and all that is in it, that it would be a temple sanctified by You.

I pray for Baby’s legs that they would be strong enough to run the race.

I pray for Baby’s feet that they would look to Your Word for direction and that they would follow in your footsteps FOREVER!


To personalize it, just do a find replace and replace Baby with your child's name. Before we named our kids, we just kept it like this and then put their name in when we could.

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