Monday, July 21, 2008

And it Begins

So, my "operation skinny" has begun. Actually, that is a misnomer, it is actually "Operation Healthy." I ran this morning 4/1 and it felt really good. We started up a hill on the first leg of the run and it was a killer. But in the end, I had that great feeling of accomplishment and my lungs felt open and healthy! Gotta love that. I created some spreadsheets this weekend to track my progress and give myself goals. I will post my goals tomorrow, or maybe on the sidebar, not sure yet! Let me know if you want them and I will email them to you! My workout schedule this week is run MWF & S and videos T/TH. My goals for this week are to run at least 3 times and do an ab video at least twice. My starting weight. 170.5 I think I have hit my plateau as far as baby weight falling off, now I am going to have to work for it, but I am ready! I did pretty well eating today, except for the cookie, but I am not about restricting myself completely, everything in moderation is just fine! Thanks for keeping me accountable. I am going to post every Monday on what is going on!


Therapy Mom said...

Seriously, I think our brains/bodies were separated at birth! I want to do a sidebar that tracks my milage and abs training! What a great way to stay accountable! I also plateaued at 170 after CCC and really cut back on calories (stopped justifying that I could eat an extra 500 because I was nursing!) and started running! Go get em! You can do it!

Becca in Texas said...

I have full confidence in you since I know you are the HARDCORE woman =) Good luck.