Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Barbie Jeep Lives On

BG was able to get the Barbie Jeep up and running! SD was so excited to have a car to ride. Here are some pics, enjoy:
Cost of Used Barbie Jeep: $0 (unless you count the pride lost dragging it down the street)
Cost of New Battery and charger to get the Barbie Jeep Running: $70
Cost of Teaching your daughter to drive years before she is 16: Priceless!

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Therapy Mom said...

Totally PRICELESS! Way to go bargain mama! I'm totally into the grocery game! Thanks for hooking me up with it! I referenced you when I signed up. Email me with the email address you use for it so I can change it if nec.
Also, I'm writing out my training schedule. I hope to run the half here in Sept. We'll see??? I am planning on coming to SA to run. I need to get tickets, etc.