Thursday, July 24, 2008

Childhood Memories

As I was putting SD down for her nap the other day and going through my routine with her, a random childhood memory popped into my head. Both SD and Linus have radios in their room and humidifiers. We pretty much keep them going non-stop, but at the very least, they are on when they are sleeping. Not sure exactly why, partially because of the soothing sound of the humidifier and it does help with their allergies. The music is more for the noise, but also the subliminal messages, they listen to bible music. Anyway, the memory that flooded my mind was the time I spent the night with my cousin Jenna. When we went to go to sleep, she turned on all of this stuff and I could barely sleep. She turned on music, a noise machine, turned the fan on turbo and turned on this siren light, that literally spun red light around the room all night long! Growing up I don't think I slept with anything on, which may be why I am such a light sleeper, so to try and sleep through all of that commotion, was next to impossible!!

How do your kids go to sleep? What did you have in your room growing up that helped you go to sleep?


Loni said...

As a child I don't remember any special sleep "aids". But when I went to college, I got a fish aquarium and the sound of the motor was a great sleep aid. When I moved into an apartment and had more space, I got an air purifier (for allergies) and it is the perfect white noise. I still can't sleep without that "shhh" sound.

When Alexis was a baby, we lived in a very noisy area. DH finally gave in and let me get her an air purifier as well. Now she sleeps great and when we travel, it helps put her right to sleep despite being in a strange place.

Sunshine said...

I have ALWAYS slept with a humidifier. If I somehow manage to fall asleep without it on, I will wake up in the middle of the night wondering what's wrong with the room =)
My girls, however, don't sleep with anything on and they still sleep like rocks. I guess all that clanging around I did when they were babies really worked!

Vicky said...

I always left a tape player with bible stories playing for my children when they were small. Now they are 16/17 and still play the radio quietly through the night.