Friday, July 18, 2008

Filling the Hole

There are so many things that we try and fill our life with, it is amazing. I believe that God made us to have a relationship with Him, for that to be an overwhelming desire in our life. Unfortunately, sometimes we don't know what that emptiness feeling that we have is. Because we don't know what it is, we fill it with other things. It is similar to being a baby. Their stomach hurts, so they cry. They don't know if it is hunger, indigestion, something just didn't settle or what. As a mom, you think, they must be hungry, I will feed them. The problem is, if this isn't truly the problem, you most likely are magnifying the true problem.

As adults, we do the same thing. We have this feeling of not being complete and we think, if only I was married, if only I had more money, if only I had perfect children, if only I was prettier, if only (you fill something in here)... The thing is, only one thing is designed to fit and fix that hole, and that is a relationship with Jesus Christ. By trying to fill that hole with all of those other things, we are never going to be truly complete. It may fix the problem for a little while, but the hole will still be there and will surface again, sometimes to be filled with another "if only"

I do believe that Jesus will fill that hole, but I also think that there is a misconception about what happens when He does come into your life. We think it is a quick fix, everything SHOULD be perfect now, and that is where I think sometimes the church steers us wrong. They are so focused on helping us become a Christian, or be "saved" that some of the other stuff falls by the way side. It is not a quick fix, but it is an eternal fix. It is not going to make everything perfect, but you are made perfect in Him. I think the hole is filled, but you are not finished. You have to strive to be like Jesus, to constantly seek Him, to take up your cross daily. You are still going to hurt, you are still going to want, you are still going to feel un-whole at times. I don't think that we will feel hole until we are in Heaven with Him, that is when we will be complete. Until then, let Christ fill the hole and then follow Him to be whole!

I know that there are verses that support all of this, but I don't know them. Writing this has revealed something to me, that I need to work on my scripture knowledge. I know the verses, but I need to know where you can find them and be able to quote them, especially in a time of need! So, that is my next step to becoming more like Him! To know God's Word and write it on my heart!

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Therapy Mom said...

If only I had perfect children! That's it for me! I am almost past that...I am content with being "therapy mom" and using our experience as a ministry! I pray that the Lord would fill our hearts and minds with things that bring Him glory and pleasure!