Friday, July 18, 2008

What a Steal! Literally!

This morning is trash day for us. As we left the house for our run, we saw that one of our neighbors had a Barbie Jeep sitting by their trash. I said to BG, "SD would LOVE that!" He said, "Well then go get it" I told him that I would get it at the end of our run if it was still there. So, on we went and changed our route a little so that we would pass by the house again (it is at the end of our street, so really close). There it was, still sitting there. So, I did what any completely normal mom would do, I grabbed it and pushed it down the street to our house. The whole way, BG is cracking up at me, because I am bent over pushing a Barbie Jeep down the street. Meanwhile, SD was fascinated, she wanted to see what I was doing and kept telling me she wanted to ride it. I told her that Daddy was going to clean it up and try to fix it and then she could ride it. It looked to be in pretty good condition, and still had the battery in it, but I am pretty sure it is dead. BG is going to try and make it run, but if he can't, he said he will just take the parts out and maybe cut a hole in the floor and she can ride it Flinstone style. Here is a pic of our steal!

What made this even better is that I went on to see if they sold something similar. They in fact do, and it is $235!!! There is no way that we could afford to get something like this for SD at this point! I am so excited. I will tell you though, this is something I never would have done before. I am so glad that God is using this time in my life to humble me and show me that One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure.
I will try and post pics of it when it has had a bath and some Daddy time to fix it!

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Therapy Mom said...

Sweet ride!!! It'll be great! Either way she has to ride it!