Thursday, July 31, 2008


Unfortunately a lot of times what we say and do, sometimes comes off like we are judging people. I was up feeding Linus the other night and turned on the TV, not much was on, but I found a Sex and the City rerun. The jist of the story was that Carrie walked in on Samantha "servicing" the Worldwide Express deliver guy. Over brunch the famous 4 were making jokes about it and Samantha got upset, even though they always did stuff like that. She took it as they were judging her. She and Carrie talked later and Carrie explained that she wasn't judging her.

Anyway, this made me think of the situation I alluded to earlier. I hurt one of my college friends recently because of something I wrote. While I stand behind my opinion (I have deleted the post) my timing was not approrpiate. I wrote about something a while ago and it published soon after she told me that she was going through the exact thing I wrote about. Although it wasn't about her, or driven by what she was going through, it seemed like it, not only to her, but to other of our friends who knew what was going on. I felt really bad, my intention was not to hurt her at all, but I did. It is kind of like what Carrie experienced in that episode, fitting because that show is something that my college friends and I shared. I have apologized to my friend and I hope that she knows that I would NEVER, EVER judge her. I love her, and all of my college friends, and want to be there for them through everything! They each bring something to my life that no one else does or could. Even though we are all different, we still share some pretty amazing memories and are friends no matter what! Love you girls!

Oh, and I just noticed as I was schedulilng this as my next post, it is going to land on one of those college friend's birthday! So, happy birthday Darla!

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Becca in Texas said...

Wow. That is not fun stuff. I am sorry you had to go through the stress of it but I hope things are getting better with feelings and all. Love to you.