Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On the Pumping Front

So, since I have returned to work, I have to pump every three hours. I don't particularly enjoy pumping, I would so much rather just feed my baby. But, it does have its upsides. For one, by pumping, I will allow Linus to continue have breast milk and not have to pay for formula (another bonus since we are on a tight budget) and it sucks the weight off, or at least that is what I convince myself! Not only that, but it lets me have a 30 minute break from work every 3 hours and no one can really complain, not that they would, but still. At my current job, there is no designated place for it (after SD, the place I worked had lactation rooms, about 4 of them actually). So I go down to a conference room and put a sign on the door. Hayley is going to make a sign that says Lactation Station with a picture of a cow, it will be funny! Anyway, I get all set up and hooked up and start mooing and read my book. It is such a nice way to get a break from work and to allow myself to not get too stressed out.

I am always worried about my supply and not being able to produce enough milk. Yesterday I did really well. I pumped while I was getting ready and had some milk from the weekend so I was able to leave 3-5 oz bottles with only taking one bag from my freezer stash. (I am really proud because I have over 100 oz in the freezer!!) Then I was able to get almost 3 full bottles yesterday pumping at work. I pumped 3 times and got 13 oz. So last night I was thinking, oh that will be great, I will pump after I feed Linus in the morning and finish up that last bottle. Well, I guess that since I pumped so much, my production went up a lot! After feeding Linus this morning, I was able to pump 7 oz!!! I could not believe it. Not only could I finish up the bottles for tomorrow, but I could add one more to my freezer stash. I am working from home today, so I can feed him and not touch the stash either! I had such issues with my supply after I had SD that I am so thankful that I am not having those issues this time.

Sorry if this was TMI, but it is my life these days!

Moo on!


RDC CCC Mom said...

Yeah for supply and demand! The body is an amazing thing! The more you pump, the more you make! So glad you'll be joining the BS with me! I plan to finish Day 2 and start Day 3 tomorrow!

Happy Milking!

Loni said...

Two things I found with pumping...

1. Stress has a great affect on supply and you were very stressed during the time when you were pumping/nursing SD.

2. It's almost as if your body has to adjust to pumping. I never felt overly full if I missed my pumping "feeding", and yet the more I pumped, the more I would produce.

I think it's sad when women try to pump and then get frustrated and give up because they think that the machine is going to have the same effect on their body as their baby. It just doesn't work that way. You aren't emotionally attached to a pump!

I remember the first week or so that I pumped, I got hardly anything. I was thrilled when I finally starting seeing the amount rise when I kept at it.