Thursday, August 14, 2008

Graduation Hangover

I just got back from my sister's college graduation. It was relatively uneventful and not too long and boring! The speaker was the President of Hunt Oil and was actually pretty good. He said one thing that was really interesting, he said that he didn't really remember the speakers of his two graduations, except the one from law school became more memorable when he was part of the Monica Lewinsky's trial.

Anyway, it got me thinking about graduation. It seems like such a big deal and so important at the time, and it definitely is, but then, it is over. It is all such a whirlwind and then all of a sudden it is over. Then what? You are faced with reality. Reality of finding a job. Reality of paying all of your own bills. Reality of not being able to sleep in or lay out all day. Reality that money does not grow on trees and that you actually have to live on a budget. Talk about a bad hangover!

But, each season holds something new, something interesting, something exciting.

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