Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Feel Pretty

Do you ever feel really pretty? I do! There are days when I feel so pulled together and good about myself. The crazy thing is that most of the time when I go back and look at pictures of that particular day, I don't actually look as pretty as I felt. Then on other days, when my outward appearance is better, I don't always feel so pretty. Is that God trying to tell me that my inward beauty is what matters? I think so. I think when you feel good about who you are, you walk taller, carry yourself with more confidence and that shows, even to those who are not Christians. I think your inner thoughts and self-talk have so much to do with how you come across to others. Satan totally uses this to destroy us. He whispers seeds of doubt in our ears and we start to listen and to believe this. My new focus is not the outside, but making my inside pretty. Being a woman of character, a woman of pureness, a woman of God!

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