Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend

We had such an amazing weekend! It was great weather here in the metroplex, finally a little bit cooler, and we had a lot of awesome family time.

Friday - The kids and I went to our LifeGroup social and SD had so much fun playing with the water ball. I got to hang out with the ladies and get to know them better, which I really liked too!

Saturday - The fam went for a 5 mile run and then to a local park where they were having a fishing tournament for kids. SD didn't participate, but she and BG will be going back for some good father/daughter time. Then the whole fam actually went shopping! BG and I got new running shoes and SD got some adorable mickey mouse crocs that are pink and turqoise and she LOVES them. Then she got some new Fall clothes, I don't think much of her stuff from last year will fit.

Sunday - Church (great Sermon!!!) and then Aunt Mamie came over for some Grocery Game tutoring! I didn't get a ton of chores done, but enough to where I don't feel overwhelmed today. We are doing a Sabath Bible Study and I am really trying to observe it, funny thing is that I feel less rested when I do nothing! And BG and I capped it off with a movie last night, look for a review soon!

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