Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Won Disney Princesses, You Won

All this time, SD has not been into very girlystuff. I am totally fine with this because I think it is good for girls to be well rounded. I knew it would probably come at some point, but I didn't know it would come so early. I purposefully did her first two b-day parties as very generic, because I knew that at some point, it would be all girly, and there would be plenty of time for that. I am not sure exactly how it all came to be, but SD is turning into a little girl. She is still a mess and still likes her "boy" toys (she just got a new tool bench and loves it), but she is absolutely in LOVE with Snow White and Cinderella. She has also gotten very into shoes and picking them out, which is quite entertaining. Yesterday when she got up from her nap, she even had her little purse perched on her arm and when I glanced inside it, she had put her Minne Mouse cell phone. Not a day goes by that she does not ask to watch Snow White or Cinderella and we still have them on VHS, so I am sure their days are limited. All in all, I think she will turn out to be well rounded and not too much of a girly girl, but it sure is fun watching her go through it right now. What could I really expect, I did paint her room pink as all get out!

Go Girl Power!

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