Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cleaning Schedule

Monday - Front Rooms (Formal LR & DR), Floors (sweep & mop), Study

Tuesday - Laundry, Iron, Kids Rooms, Vacuum (the day I work from home)

Wednesday - Bathrooms

Thursday - Playroom

Friday - Kitchen, Laundry

Saturday - Floors, Iron, Windex, and Dust

The night before the day I worked from home I did bigger stuff since I didn't have to get dressed the next morning, I could wake up a little later. Also, the day I work from home, I can multi task, like do laundry while I work, so I usually do!

When I do a room, like the front rooms for example, I pick up, dust and windex if need be. When I say floors, I have all hard floors in my house, so this is all of the hard floors, unless that "room" is done another day. For example, the playroom, I will do those floors when I do the playroom.


Therapy Mom said...

Good for you! I don't think it's OCD at all! I think I have a schedule, just hadn't thought to write it out! Way to go...I hope you can keep it up!
How's running going? I need to get a training schedule set up and do a good run this weekend!
:) Erin

Loni said...

Nothing on Sunday. I really like that. When we lived in far away city with fewer close friends, no child, and smaller home, it was so much easier to keep things in better shape (imagine that).

Back then, I was a die hard FlyLady follower and had made my own schedule as well.

I just need to make a new one and get into the routine of doing it. Thank you for posting yours!