Monday, October 6, 2008

10 days is...

  • a really long time to sleep in someone's living room on a pull-out sofa
  • a really long time to be away from your own bed and the comforts of your home
  • a really long time to be away from your husband
  • a really long time to live out of your suitcase

But, that is just what my mom did! I have been MIA because my mom has been in town for the past 10 days and just left this morning. Actually, as I am typing this, she is probably pulling up to her house and letting out a big sigh of relief that she is home.

I had so much fun with my mom here and the time flew by. Well, it kind of passed slowly in the middle because we were so anxious to get to Canton, but I can't believe that 10 days has already passed. She was up here for so long because we had our annual Canton trip planned for months when we found out that our church was going baby dedication the weekend before. I thought it would be a great time for her to be able to spend some quality time with the kids and asked if she would like to stay the week between the two. She thought it was a good idea as well, and preferred that over making the 9 hour roundtrip twice. So, she did.

My mom, youngest sister and brother came up last Friday for Linus' dedication at church. Then my brother and sister left on Sunday. We had a great time, Jordan, my brother, was a huge help because he plays really hard with SD and she just loves it. My sister, Lauren, is a fashionista (so is my other sister and my mom, somehow I didn't get that gene) and she helped me with my wardrobe and gave me great ideas. The girls also went to Sam Moon and got some affordable accessories!

After they left, it was just my mom and she was fabulous. I have to say that not only the kids are on Gigi detox, I am as well. While she was here, she spent lots of time with the kids, which is the most important thing since she is far away and doesn't get a lot of concentrated time with them. She also helped me out a TON! She did laundry, ironed, cleaned and the list could go on. It is so nice having your mom around because, she is your mom, she almost knows what to do before you even ask. Not only that, but it was a third set of arms, to help holding Linus, or to get SD juice, etc. I guess I will have to start doing my own chores now!

On Friday, I took a vacation day and we were going to take the kids to the fair, but it looked like rain and was sprinkling, so we decided not to. We ended up hanging out at the house and she helped me finish making SD's Cinderella costume and we made drapes and pillows for the formal rooms. (pictures to come)

Then, Canton! We had a blast in Canton. We learned a couple of years ago that it is so worth it to get a hotel room and stay Saturday night. Sunday morning is a fabulous time to shop, it is cooler and not nearly as crowded as Saturday. So, we got down there around 10 on Saturday and shopped around (we also had my SIL, MIL and the kids with us). After lunch, we checked into the hotel and the kids took a nap, while I watched and the rest of them just relaxed and cooled off in the other room. Then, we were ready to shop again. After shopping, we headed over to eat dinner and then back to the hotel for some shut eye. The benefit of having small kids in a hotel room is that you pretty much have to go to bed when they do, so I got a ton of sleep Saturday night. Then we got up bright and early Sunday morning and started shopping again. We managed to fill both cars pretty full and head back to big D all by about noon. We got home around 2 and started decorating while the kids napped. My house looks beautiful now!!

So , after relaxing and giggling last night, my mom got up pretty early and got on the road home. I had a fabulous time with her and will miss her company. It really gave us some good time to hang out and talk as adults. I got to know her more and got to ask those questions about her past that I didn't know to ask or be interested in while I was growing up. I think it is fun that some day your mom becomes more than your mom, but she can also be your friend and advisor! I sure hope that SD and I can do this one day as well!

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Becca in Texas said...

I am so glad you had a good time with your Mom there. My Mom visiting would totally not be like that and I am jealous of you for it. She definitely does not have the kind mothering nurturing part of it down. I struggle with that a lot.

I am jealous of CANTON too. I so wanted to go but it was nursery week for me and Bubba had a game on Saturday.

Really very happy that you had such a nice week. Hopefully that will make her come again soon and do it all over!