Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My New Favorite Spot

I have a new favorite spot for my quiet time. I usually do it at the kitchen table, sometimes at my scrapbook table, and sometimes on the couch. I like doing it at the kitchen table because it gives me a nice space to write. But if I am just reading, I like this spot...

This chair is a hand me down, from a friend who no longer had room for it. When they gave it to us, it came with a slip cover, I think it was from his bachelor days. As my MIL was helping me fix the slip cover, she asked what it looked like underneath, so we took a look. We decided it actually went in the room very well and picked up on the black that was in the carpet. It is one of the most comfortable chairs and I love to snuggle up in it. The other morning, I curled up in it and read a book, then held my babies in it! It is a perfect little spot, with a reading lamp and blanket in case it is chilly! And when the window is open you can look outside for hours.

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