Friday, October 10, 2008

Three's Company

In HS, we were all really good friends. It was me, Erin and Lindsay. Erin and I were friends starting in 6th grade or so, maybe before. A defining moment early in our friendship was getting matching Jon Heart purses, I know, I know. And our initials, first and last, were the same, so we thought that was kind of cool. Erin introduced me to Lindsay and lets just say the rest is history. One of my fondest memories with Lindsay is going to look for the car that she just knew her dad had bought her and was hiding at his friend's house. The three of us were really close all through school, we kind of went our separate ways towards the end of high school, I was on dance team and they were both in sports, but we always stayed friends. We were in each others weddings (well Erin missed mine and Lins because she was in the DR) and even when we were not talking every day, we could catch up in no time. Erin brought the three of us together, but I would say that Lindsay kept us together. Lindsay is really good at communication and always takes the initiative. It is funny now, because we are all doing the same things in our lives. We all are married with kids now and our kids are all about the same age. Unfortunately, we live in three different cities and don't get to see each other often. But...we will all be together in SA for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I bet the two of them never thought their little dance team, very nonathletic friend would be running half marathons! Anyway, I found these pictures and thought I would share them! I hope these pics bring back as fond of memories for Erin & Lindsay as they did for me!
Lindsay and Erin celebrating my 16th birthday! (They are both older than I am)
Waking me up on my 16th birthday! Very early I might add!

Erin and Lindsay, I think on Lindsay's birthday.

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