Monday, October 13, 2008

Online Bible Study

I just recently finished a Bible Study and I am feeling very led to lead a study of this book on my blog. The book is called Life Management for Busy Women.
What I am proposing doing is taking one of the 9 major topics and focusing on it each month. I will post the notes I took and then challenge us to work on that area for the month. I like this idea for myself because I tend to get overwhelmed when I look at the big picture and need to break it down into manageable chunks. They say it takes 10 days to make something a habit, so I think by mid-end next year, I will be a transformed woman. If you would like to do this study with me, buy, borrow or check-out the book and play along! Encourage each other and give your ideas of what you are doing for that month's challenge!
Here is how I see it working. Read the book at your own pace and then the first of the month (starting Nov. 1) I will post the topic and the outline I got from the book. Then as things come up during the month, I will post about it and your comments can help guide the discussion.
Anyone interested?
If not, I will be doing it anyway, for myself, but felt like it would be great to have the opportunity to learn from each other, after all, we all have different strengths!


Therapy Mom said...

I'm game! I was thinking last night that I needed to do a study on this very topic! I'm gonna order it today! Can't wait!

Amy Lynn said...

I'm in too!

Loni said...

I would love to do this!

My Bible study group switched days and so I can't go. I bought the book but I haven't started it yet. They are on week two (or three).

I like this idea, because I will still be able to follow along.

Thank you for inviting us! :)