Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Laundry

I thought I would take a hint from Rocks in My Dryer and give hints on Laundry. And it follows nicely after my ironing post.

Here is what I do for laundry...
1. I use a pre-sorted hamper which means, I don't have to sort the laundry before I do it, which saves a ton of time! Not only that, but it has wheels, so I just roll it into the laundry room, usually with the help of SD. Hubby is pretty good about sorting his clothes, but I usually do the colors first, then the darks because a lot of times, he gets those two confused.
2. I wash our clothes twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. I do this because it keeps the loads small.
3. I keep the kids separate and do a load for each of them. This way I don't have to sort a ton of little socks with adult t-shirts. And I can use "free" detergent because my kids have sensitive skin.
4. I do towels usually twice a month. This is only for our towels. I wash the kids' with their laundry.
5. I change all of our sheets on one day. Linus' get put in with his laundry since it is a crib sheet and I do SD's separate since she has a double bed and it constitutes a whole load. I do our sheets the day I change them.

The biggest advice that I have (and need to remind myself of often) is to fold it immediately when the little buzzer on the dryer goes off. I love the buzzer!!! And now my new washing machine has one too! So when the dryer goes off, I fold the clothes and if timing is right, switch the loads.

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BarbaraLee said...

My m/i/l taught her children well. My dh puts his clothes were they belong and not on the floor.
He doesn't want to make more work for me then need be. He is so good to me.

Anonymous said...

you do remember tuesday towels and sunday sheets!!!!!

Audra Krell said...

Great tips for laundry, which we all can use. A lot of times I will wash the sheets early in the morning and then put then straight back on the beds so I don't have to fold them!

The MAN Fan Club said...

I end up washing clothes between Saturday and Monday. They PILE up blocking the wash machine so I finally pile them all on a blanket and I move them to my room. Folding night is Tuesday night. I enjoy watching the World Series of Poker as I fold clothes. The only category of clothes I'll fold right after they are dry are the towels. Everything else gets severely wrinkled. I am the laundry master of our house.