Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Groceries Galore

Last night I was in a pretty foul mood! We got back from a trip to see my parents in SA and me doing the half-marathon and as always, coming back from out of town is a mess and a headache! There was laundry to be done, things to be cleaned, not to mention that I took two days off of work! The last thing I wanted to do was go to the grocery store, that is for sure! I hadn't had enough time to really plan what I was going to buy, clip my coupons, look at store ads, etc. I usually just print my list from the grocery game and clip my coupons and go from there. The problem is, there are so many coupons that I don't use and I want to save more!

Thanks to my friend Erin, I have started loading coupons to my Kroger card and have really been motivated to look at the sale items and try to combine them with my coupons, even if they are not on the grocery game. Where I used to use the grocery game as my sole list, now it is just a starting point!

So as I was heading to the store at 8:40 pm last night after getting my stuff somewhat in order, I was GRUMPY! Not only did I need to do the weekly shopping, but I had to get stuff for Saturday night (having friends over to watch Tech) and Thanksgiving, because BG is going to smoke the turkey this weekend.

It all turned around when I checked out! I had a basket full, including two turkeys. I was really worried about what it might cost because there was a good amount of stuff not on the grocery game list that we needed. Thankfully, I had spent some time checking the ad with what we needed and getting coupons if possible! The checkout girl scanned all of my groceries and then I handed her my Kroger card, and the slot machine began! At the end of the day, I saved $94 and only spent $100, I was really excited. The checkout girl was pretty impressed as well! She said, "Girl, you know how to shop, I am not sure about the time it took you, but you saved some money!" I was so excited that I called my mom and told her about it. It made my late night run totally worth it.

I will say though, I was a little upset when the couple of things that I didn't have coupons for or were not on sale but we needed went on sale today! Oh well, I will be stocking up on them so that it doesn't happen again!

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