Tuesday, November 11, 2008


BG and I just got back from a much needed mini-vacation! We escaped to the deer lease on Thursday night. We went hunting all day Friday and Saturday morning and then left for Texas Tech. This is where BG went to school and we had football tickets and plans to hang out with some old college friends. The game was amazing, but unfortunately, being outside for in the cooler weather really didn't help my cold. We drove back Sunday night and were very glad to be home. I think the kids were happy to have us home as well. SD could barely contain herself and was trying to show off. Linus, well he just snuggled up and was content as can be!

Although it wasn't a glamorous vacation, it was amazing and fabulous for our marriage, which is also good for our kids!


The MAN Fan Club said...

Take even a shorter vacation to our town sometime. You could even bring the kids and your husband could play cards.

marmitage said...

Good for you! Sorry about the cold, but I'm glad you got a chance to take some time-out together.

Its super-important.