Friday, November 7, 2008


SD is a lot like me in a lot of ways. Some good, some bad! I used to think she was just like her Daddy, but not so much! Linus, now he is like is daddy! So the other day a friend of mine at work gave me this really cool toy organizer that she no longer needed (her kids are teenagers now). I was so excited for a number of reasons. One, it is organization, hello! Two, when I got it home I realized that it matched our other "kid" furniture in the playroom, which really makes me happy. Three, I have been really wanting to organize the playroom, so this got me thinking about it even more. Thanksgiving in my house will equal, massive organization station! I can't wait! So, back to the story. SD was helping me get all of the little bins from my car to the playroom. I put them from my car in the laundry room and then she took them from there. As she was doing that, I was moving the storage unit in there. When I got in there, I realized that she was totally OCD! Here is what I saw:

Not sure if you can tell because they are clear bins, but she has them all in a line.

She was so worried about keeping them straight that she ran into the rocking chair.

This is what it looks like all put together. This is just the start of the organization and cleaning out of toys before Christmas, so there isn't much in them yet.

She liked them so much that she even put Baboo in there to take a nap.

She inspired me so much, that I organized their books. Yes, I know that they won't stay this way, but it really made me happy to do it!


Therapy Mom said...

Yeah for neatly organized house has spiraled out of control with this whole news thing and I have NO motivation to get things back to nap!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you all get some of that from good ol' mom. Looks good!

Becca in Texas said...

I do this to the books every few months and then DREW messes them all up. It drives me nuts and I know that I should be happy to have him looking at them and reading, but I get CRAZY about it. I really do not realize how crazy controlling I am until something like that points it out.