Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Little Angel

Just so I have this documented, here is the conversation that I had with SD this morning.

We are potty training (fun times!) and she goes in our bathroom because that is where her Elmo potty seat is. So she was sitting there and looked at our counter and saw the medicine that BG had put out (he has gotten my cold), this is what transpired...

SD: Mommy, whasat (what's that)?
Me: That is medicine for Daddy
SD: because he sneeze?
Me: yes, because he sneezed (she got it pretty right!)
SD: He needs a wipe
Me: Why does he need a wipe?
SD: To blow his nose
Me: Yes, he needs to blow his nose.
SD: He go see da doctor?
Me: I don't know if he will go to the doctor baby.
SD: He go to dr (and then she gave her doctor's name) and see the fish and he feel better

It was so cute! She was very worried about Daddy getting better! I was pretty impressed with my little two year old!

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