Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The more I do, the more I want!

This phrase could be talking about a lot of things! What I mean though is cleaning. I finally did a really good cleaning of my house this weekend. I worked my fanny off! But the cleanliness of my house made me feel sooooo good! I just love a clean house. The funny thing is, the cleaner my house is, the more I am inclined to clean. It seems so backwards to me, I mean, it is already clean. Maybe it is because the messier the house gets, the more daunting of a task it seems like. So, after cleaning up the house, I went about setting up my schedule for the next year for cleaning. I did my weekly schedule, so that I am stay on top of the cleaning and the task does not get overwhelming and I did the monthly cleaning, the big stuff, deep cleaning and organizing. I am really trying to do most of my cleaning during the week so that I can do one big thing on the weekend while the kids are napping and then spend the rest of the time hanging out with them and/or BG if he isn't working or hunting! I spent most of my Sunday afternoon planning out my schedule, and I will say I am rather pleased. I will see how it works in 2009 and adapt as necessary. All of this ties into this, which is why I felt like my Sabbath was very well spent planning (not doing) it!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The MAN Fan Club said...

Can you tutor my wife on this one?

Anonymous said...

I'll take a copy of that schedule thank you.

Anonymous said...

You're ill...very,very ill.....there are good doctors for this kind of madness. BTW, my husband is a jerk!