Monday, December 1, 2008

Chapter 2

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One thing I love about this book is that she gives lists and I love lists! She always gives a practical list for applying what she has talked about. So, here is the first of the lists...

Chapter 2 - 10 Disciplines for Developing a Passion for God's Word

I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread. - Job 23:12

1. Refuse to miss a day (this is important because once you start missing, it becomes much easier to miss next time)
2. Pray as you approach God's Word
3. Consume God's Word in various ways (she suggests playing tape and videos, memorizing and meditating and singing it) I am not very good about memorizing scripture, but I have been very convicted of it lately and have been trying to memorize some verses
4. Find a rhythm or pattern that fits your lifestyle (this will help you to keep doing it)
5. Be a woman of one Book, The Book
6. Be accountable (BG really helps me with this. He gets up in the morning and does his Bible Study as well. Sometimes when I am not feeling like doing it, BG doing his Bible Study gets me motivated)
7. Beat the Family - get up before they do
8. Teach your children - this has been really cool for me to see how SD knows what we are doing. She knows that we are reading our Bibles and wants to mimic us. Sometimes we get her Bible out and let her thumb through the pages while we continue reading. We also make a point to not let her distract us, she has to let us finish our Quiet Time (sometimes this is more successful than others)
9. Purpose to get up
10. Aim for more time (start with what you can and strive to add to it)

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