Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The weekend after Thanksgiving I had a serious to-do list! I know, you are shocked. My BIL came over to help me get the decorations out of the attic since BG was hunting. His dad came with him. When I was talking to my BIL about the laundry room cabinets that I was re-doing, his dad was shocked. He couldn't believe that I was going to put up Christmas decorations, re-do my cabinets and take care of my 2 small kids. I didn't think it was weird at all, after all, I am a do-er! It got me to thinking how something that I might think is totally normal, seems off the wall to someone else. Not that either person is in the wrong (or right), but it is just what you are used to. Sometimes I think that I am being totally lazy, when I would venture to guess, most people would think I am highly neurotic and would be pleased if I would just sit still for a minute.

When I told Lauri my theory, this is what she said, "Jeffrey Dahmer was normal to somebody!" so I don't think that she is on board with this theory as I am!

As I grow as a person, I think it is important to recognize this. It helps me not judge what other people are doing or not doing. It makes me glad that we are all different and think different things are normal. At the same time, don't be shocked if someone thinks that you are a total freak, not because you are, but because that is so far from their "normal!"

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All Things Red said...

It is true - to other serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer seems VERY normal. hee hee