Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skin and Water

It is amazing what water, or the lack there of, can do to your skin. For some reason, lately I have not been very good about drinking water. Usually I am really good about drinking water, but I have just not had a taste for it lately. And really, I need to be drinking a LOT of it. With nursing and running long distances, my needs have gone up. I am definitely paying the price for it now. Since I haven't been drinking enough, my body has been using the little water I have been drinking for nursing and to rehydrate after my runs. So, my skin, well, it hates me right now. See, I am a South Texas girl, which means 100% humidity, 90% of the time! Since living in the metroplex, my skin has tried to adjust, but is having a rough time. Now that it is winter and the air is even dryer, my skin is simply crawling off my body! The thing is, when it gets that dry, it hurts and itches, which makes it hurt even more. I am always putting lotion on, and it seems like it is never enough. So today, is water drinking day. So far (it is only 1:40 pm), I have already had 112 ounces and I am still thirsty! This will probably help with my weight loss too!

Is it drier this year or is it just me? I think it is affecting Linus and SD as well!

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Just Jackie said...

I agree that it's been drier. Oh gosh I'm a prune! I have old lady hands.

I am worse about drinking water in the winter, too.