Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is like Rocks

That is what BG said as I walked out from giving SD a shower. He was talking about the cereal that he had just made for Linus, and tried to feed him. He asked where the powder stuff that we had given SD was.

Let me explain, he was talking about rice cereal for babies. I have made all of the baby food for our kids, which I started with SD. But the rice cereal seemed too complicated and since a box was not that expensive and they didn't eat it that long, I just used that. Well, when Linus came along, I already knew how to do all of the other food, so to make it interesting, I thought I would try out the cereal to see if I could. So, I went to Sprouts and got some brown rice kernels. Then I took it home and ground it all up into little pieces and stored it in jars. BG unfortunately thought that it was just like the box stuff, and you just mix it with water. But no, you actually have to cook it! I had cooked some earlier in that day and it was in the fridge, and that is what I was referring to when I asked him to give Linus cereal! Oh well, you live and learn!

It did give us a good laugh though.


$5 Dinner Mom said...

Love it! And way to go making the cereal too! Funny story :)

Anonymous said...

that is too funny but so typical of men!