Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Circle, meet Square

I was very fortunate to meet with one of my really good friends last week. She is one of my best adult friends (meaning that we met as adults, not college, etc.). We used to go to church together and since we moved to the other side of town, she is the one that I have seen the most of! She is a great friend and met me more than halfway to just hang out. She has also come over to our house, more times than I have ventured her way!

We met up at a Starbucks and actually closed the place down (they close at 10:30 evidently). We easily could have talked another couple hours, but were force to leave by the friendly barista. I guess it was a good thing, because it was a "school night." As we were sitting there talking she said she couldn't believe that we were such good friends, because we are pretty much opposites. As she puts it, she is a circle and I am a square. Pretty much everything about how we do things is different, but that is what makes our friendship so much fun! We each bring something different to the table and in a sense, complete each other. We did decide though, that we are just opposite ends of the same crazy spectrum!

She is also like a mentor to me, although she is just a little older than I am, she is much wiser! She is a fabulous mom, wife and an amazing Christian. I know that I can always ask her for advise in those areas! I do miss living closer to her, but thankfully, our friendship has survived the distance. Now if she up a chooses to move somewhere crazy, I might have to re-think! Just kidding!

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